Data Scientist and AI Researcher

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Daniel (Juyoung) Yun

I'm a cowboy programmer. When I was in middle and high school, I used to help my father raise cows a lot. At that time, I was very interested in computer programming, and while attending high school, I was selected to enter the entrepreneurship education institute by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and Pohang University of Science and Technology and studied business for two years. I helped my father raise cows, and I thought about how to improve the environment through software. So, I tried to come up with ideas based on the business knowledge I learned at POSTECH. As a result, I decided to develop software that allows breeders to easily and conveniently record and calculate cow information. Based on this idea, I joined Cafe about cow and tried to analyze the users' needs, including what functions the user needs in the software. I developed software based on customers’ needs and business theories, and repeated it for 4 months. when the software was stabilized, I sent a letter to the head of the Rural Development Administration in South Korea, writing down about the software, and he sent the head and developer of the National Institute of Animal Science to my school.

I talked with them, and I realized once again that it was very important to analyze the customer's needs and develop the software from the user's perspective in order to make good software. I'm telling you this story because I want to actively show you the passion that I had in developing software and the spirit of challenge that I could try. Also, I am currently developing this software for the development of software in rural areas. I've studied not only the programming field, but also the business. Since I studied business and management at Pohang University of Science and Technology for two years in high school, I have business knowledge as well as software. The reason that I've studied business is that I know it's no longer the age of programming alone to make good software. In order to develop good software, we need to have a close analysis of the software market situation, and we need to be able to discover the customer's needs. Therefore, I believe that the importance of business knowledge and competence will increase in software developers.


If you want to see Juyoung Daniel Yun's Resume, Please click this button to download Resume. This CV file was updated by Juyoung Daniel Yun at 2020-02-25. Now he is studying at Stony Brook University and he is an undergraduate researcher in Stony Brook University.

Updated At 2020-02-25



Pohang University of Sci & Tech
2-Year Business Course

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Since its establishment in 2009, the POSTECH has consistently worked to provide differentiated start-up education by utilizing the infrastructure and human resources of POSTECH, South Korea's top science and technology university, as well as striving to establish human networks with professionals, professors and researchers, and prospective entrepreneurs. In particular, through this training center and curriculum, students will be able to find their own areas of interest, gain the expertise and experience they need to start a business, and ultimately succeed in creating their own businesses.


Stony Brook University
Computer Science

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The Department of Computer Science (CS), which was established in 1969, is consistently ranked among the top computer science departments in the nation. Specifically, the National Research Council ranks the department among the top 10% and Payscale.com recently ranked it 10 in the nation for return on investment (ROI). CS students gain the competitive edge in areas such as systems and security, visual computing, mobile applications, big data, human-computer interaction, computer architecture, concurrency, and software engineering.

My Skills
- C Programming Language
- Java Programming Language
- C# Programming Language
- Python
- Java
- Unity Engine


Programming Genius 2-Year Program in Science High School
- Basic Programming Course
- Intensive Programming Course
Dague University Global Bridge Programming Genius 1-Year Program
- Intensive Programming Course
Pohang University of Science and Technology 2-Year Business Course
- Basic Business Administration and Management
The State University of New York at Stony Brook
- Computer Science and Engineering
Software Innovation Platform 1-Year Program with Incheon Government 2018
- Software Convergence Service Platform Development Course

Contests and Awards

Global Applied Game Jam 2018
- The Best Prize
- The Most Popular Game Award
Global Innovation Project in SUNY Korea
Google Media Hackathon 2019
COSMOS HackAtom Seoul 2019
COSMOS HackAtom Seoul 2019
- Individual MVP Award
PATHHACK Hackathon 2019 in Busan
- Winner (1st Prize)
PATHHACK Hackathon 2019 in Busan
- Winner (1st Prize)
Global Applied Game Jam 2019
Korea Clinical Datathon 2019
Startup Weekend 2019